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Down and Out

I have been gone. Monday I was feeling a bit off. Wasn’t really sure what was going on but knew something was coming. Tuesday hit and I was down and out. I used essential oils all day long. By Tuesday night I was in tears and had Jack take me to the med center.

While I prefer to use alternative methods to modern medicine as often as possible. Sometimes you have to break down and go to get help. Basically instead of using all those fancy words they say I had an ear infection. 

So to put it the way my adorable son Jack David does, “My heart was in my ear” and I couldn’t take it any more. 

Thankfully I was in and out very quickly. It was almost closing time and there were not that many people there. I looked awful and they all probably felt sorry for me. I will be honest I wanted to knock the doctor out there. If was wasn’t feeling so miserable, I would have liked him a lot. He was personable, he was funny, he was easy going and honestly I think he would have been amazing if I had felt better. He was letting my husband look in my ears to see the difference so he knew I wasn’t faking it (okay it was to educate him but I didn’t feel like I needed to be educational material at that moment). 

Thankfully 24 hours later and I am feeling much better. I am still oiling. I am taking an antibiotic. I still have a lot of pressure but the heart is back in my chest 90% of the time. 

I am truly thankful right now my husband has the week off. He has been letting me rest a lot. It has been nice to be able to do that and not feel guilty over leaving the kids to fend on their own. 

How was your holiday? Other than the sudden onset of another round of illness here ours was okay. 

2 thoughts on “Down and Out”

  1. So glad that you’re feeling much better now ❤ Moments like these make you realize how valuable health really is. He sounds like a good doctor 🙂


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