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Cancer Takes My Words

My day started out okay today. I was planning on meeting a friend for breakfast and that happened. Except she sent me a text at 8:30 AM and I responded with, “Getting in car and leaving”. So I quick ran into my room and grabbed my capsules so I could take them at Anna’s House. Who cares where you take them as long as you take them every day! 

The important thing is taking them, being consistent and taking them! So of course I did get them. We had a great discussion about life, ideas for business, husbands, fur babies, and we ate and laughed! Then the best thing happened. She looked at me and said something along these lines, “I don’t want to sound mean or hurtful or I’m not sure but whatever you’re doing, your face looks better than it ever has.” And all I hear is “YOUR FACE LOOKS AMAZING AMY”! So those may not be the words I heard but that is how I took it!

I looked at her and said, “Well it probably has something to do with the fact that as soon as I feel like I am going downhill with my health I am doubling up on the fruit, veggies and berry capsules! Plus want to hear something awful? I washed my face last night for the first time since last Thursday. Yup you are telling me my face looks amazing and I wasn’t even washing it.”

Do you hear this? I was not taking care of myself by washing my face, I was doubling up my capsules, staying hydrated, and resting. All of that was making my face look better than it ever had before! Let me tell you dear, dear, dear friend – I LOVE YOU! That was the most amazing comment I could possibly hear from you!

Then my day took a turn. Cancer is a scary thing. Let me say I do not have cancer. At least at this point in time I have not been diagnosed with cancer. I guess there is still a chance I could have it but I don’t feel like I have cancer. Nothing in my labs shows I have cancer. So I just don’t feel like it could even be possible that I could.

There is a family that is in a nearby town. Their son was diagnosed with cancer. They have been fighting it. They tried to go the natural route at first. For whatever reason it didn’t work. God had other plans for them. God lead them to a different treatment plan. He is doing better. He is not healed. He has a ways to go but things are looking up with the latest test results.

They have set up a Go Fund Me account to help with the costs. If you are able to any donation would be greatly appreciated for Brison Ricker. #RickerStrong

Now this past week they are in need of even more prayers. The other son has been having some testing. The doctors have some concerns. They are waiting on biopsy results and they will need to go and do another biopsy.

My heart is overwhelmed with emotions for this family. They believe in God. They trust in God. They have a faith that is amazing. I am sure there are moments they don’t understand. Still I see their faith in Him and their family helps me have even more faith and pray for them more!

Cancer sucks. I don’t care what kind you have. It all sucks. It changed your life. It changes the life of those around you. I can’t name a single person whom I know that hasn’t been affected in some way by cancer. Cancer is rampant in this world. Cancer isn’t of God but He has chosen to let it happen.

At times I just don’t understand that. I don’t want to question God and His motives or reasons because I am NOT God! Maybe cancer brings someone closer to God. Maybe cancer draws someone into Christ who didn’t believe before. I really don’t know what His reason is for letting it go on. It just makes me sad.

It breaks my heart that parents lose their babies. It breaks my heart that children lose their parents. It breaks my heart that best friends die and suffer. It breaks my heart that you poison your body in order to maybe heal yourself. It breaks my heart to hear stories, to watch it online, to see it on TV programs, and to have it in my life.

Do you see that above? It is the stages of cancer. Did you know that no matter what kind of cancer you have there are only four stages to it. Doesn’t matter if it is colon, breast, prostate, brain, liver, kidney, bladder or any I haven’t mentioned. No matter what kind of cancer you have, no matter what your family or friend has, there are only four stages. I don’t know why this seems foreign to me. I have always heard about the stages and I have never heard a stage over four and yet when I read this, I was shocked.

There are a lot of cancers that are out there. Here is a list of the ribbons if you want to support someone who is close to you:

Are you in need of support? Are you overwhelmed by cancer or overwhelmed by supporting someone with cancer?

You can also just visit their website here.

I am praying for you and your family. I am praying for the Ricker family. I am praying for anyone who is dealing with and touched by cancer, today, in the past or in the future.

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