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Best Christmas Party, Ever 

Jack David has been physically going to school for three years now. The last two years have resulted in him being so sick that he didn’t go to school the last week before Christmas break. What that means is that he has missed all his Christmas parties for school. 

This year is different. This year we have germs going through the house. This year it started later than the last fewever years. This year we are taking our daily dose of fruit, veggies and berries. This year we doubled up on our daily dose of fruit, veggies and berries as soon as germs hit our home. 

This year:

It was the best day ever! He went to school Monday and I got a call because he was in pain. Turned out after I picked him up he had ear discomfort and pressure. We oiled a lot and he woke up Tuesday wanting to go to school. Made it all day and then we hit Wednesday and I got to celebrate his first school Christmas party with him!

He made a reindeer. He ate goodies. He played pin the heart on Grinch. He played snowball basketball and he had fun. When the party was over and he was getting ready to go to music he ran up to me, hugged me, gave me a kiss and said, “thank you mommy.”

One more day and then the holiday and a small break from school. We have managed to get the majority of our parties within the first couple of days off. 

We will continue with our doubling of our whole food goodness. When we are on the go, full of excitement, and not eating the best it leads to broken down bodies. Of course we won’t be able to just hibernate and we will be around others so doubling up is a good choice. 

We will have some thieves going in just about every room of the house to help knock the germs down. We will have a week to recoup before the kiddos go back to school. 

Today was the best day. We have a Christmas plan. We have one more day to get through of school. I am so thankful for how life is going. I am so thankful we are here in this place. 

Oh before I forget we finally have TWO winners to the last giveaway of the year! It took a long time to get that second winner. We are so excited and will be sending out their essential oils! Yay for winners!

Are you excited about your upcoming holiday? I would love to hear about it!

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