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Autoimmune Issues and Germs

Common colds, allergies, flu like symptoms can take me out for months at a time. Or I guess I should say they used to take me out for months at a time. I am currently on day 5(ish) of this cold. I am not over it but I am doing so much better than I have been before starting my fruit, veggie and berry capsules.

Here is a really short video of me talking about the current situation:

Not everyone has autoimmune problems. Everyone however does have germs that we deal with. I can’t say how they affect you and your family but I know how they do me and mine. I wish I could say it is different but I have given my children the ability for germs to stay in their bodies FOREVER!

So I am not perfect yet. I still feel as if midday I could lay down and take a nap, and do. I am still going to bed a bit earlier than normal. And I am still feeling under the weather but I am nowhere near where I would be if I wasn’t taking these capsules.

I am getting dishes done. I am still focusing and getting ready for Christmas. I am cleaning rooms. I am doing my Bible study. I am doing what God calls me to do each day for others and myself.

I know I have a ways to go yet before I am 100%. Truth be told at times I go, “I should be feeling better by now.” and I get upset I am still “so” sick. Then I stop and think about where I would be without the capsules. I would be in bed. I would be letting dishes pile up. I would not be focused on Christmas and my family. I would be wishing months would fly by so I could be on the mend and knowing I was ONLY at the beginning of all of it.

So then when my reality check is finished I feel so much better about where I am at and how I am feeling. I am thankful that I am getting out of bed each day for more than the bathroom and water refills (if I can make myself choke it down). I am thankful that someone loved me enough to say over and over and over (it took about 8 years, I am a pretty stubborn nut to crack), “I have something that just might help lesson what you have going on.”

I wish I could say that I never get sick anymore but I can’t. However I can say this about my husband, Jack. Tonight before heading off to my test he said to me, “I have to say since being on this stuff my twice a year chest cold hasn’t been bad at all. It has not even need to me to use extra medications or doctors. I like this.” He takes forever to admit something is helping improve our lives. He uses the stuff and never complains. He is thankful that it is helping. He talks to people about it all the time. Still he isn’t one to admit exactly how it is helping.

I just sat there smiling at him. It was what I had been waiting for. I had been waiting for him to realize exactly what it had been helping him with. He does not get sick often. But he does have this chest cold he gets twice a year and it would stay with him for a good month. In 9+ months now he hasn’t had his chest cold. He has gotten a cold but he hasn’t gotten his usual chest cold!

We are a very blessed family!

Are you someone who gets germs often? Are you someone who doesn’t get germs often but ends up down and out when you do? Are you someone who has autoimmune issues and when you come in contact with germs your life is turned upside down?

Talk to me! I would love to talk to you! Even if you are not interested in what our family uses, talk to me. I know how you feel and I would be someone who can sympathize and empathize with what you go through!

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