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Recurrent Mononucleosis


I was in about 8th grade I believe when I had a bought of “The Kissing Disease” also known as mono and mononucleosis. Looking back all those years ago I don’t recall much about it. I just know I did a lot of sleeping. I also know I missed a lot of school because of it.

As most know who pay attention to my ramblings know I have had a lot of issues. I have been to a lot of doctors. I have had a lot of blood work, tests, and so much poking and prodding that sometimes I have felt like I am cattle being branded.

When I finally had an answer from an immunologist I was happy and sad at the same time. I really felt like (and have vocally expressed to some of my doctors who know me) it was just a fluffy answer. We don’t really know what is wrong with you, we know something is going on because everything we do is indicating something is wrong but we can’t find it out. So here is a blanket answer so we can give you meds and your insurance company won’t pitch a fit about you being prescribed these.

That is really how I felt and still feel about the diagnosis, “fibromyalgia”. I am sure others who have it don’t feel the same way I do. That is okay because you are probably just thrilled you can have meds and have some kind of answer. I am really happy for you. For me though, because I know ME and I feel it is so overused, when they gave it to me, I wanted to cry. I looked at the immunologist (and he is an amazing doctor) and it was as if I could see him lift his arm up waving the white flag saying, “We know there is something wrong with your immune system. You do have many things that are autoimmune disorders but I can’t do anything else to figure out what is truly wrong with you. So here is your label: Fibromyalgia”

Last night I was online and saw a news story about the kissing disease potentially being linked to chronic adult illnesses. I read a part of it and watched a bit of the story. I got up this morning and went through the whole thing. Talk about a WOW moment!

Now I have been using things to help me feel better. Things to help me boost my immunity. Things to help relax the muscles when they have discomfort. However I would really still like to know what is actually wrong with me. So in the back of my head all day long I have been thinking about it. Decided to look up symptoms when you have mono going on.


I am not going to go over all of these but oh my gosh! Seriously I have known for a LONG time I have spleen issues. When it is enlarged it hurts, awful. I have been told by most doctors I am kind of crazy because it is highly unlikely you have spleen issues (side note when a doctor did finally do an abdomen scan with spleen – it was enlarged; but I am still nuts). I have this crazy cough and have had for a long time. It isn’t always here but I always know and feel when it is coming. The last four times I went to the doctor’s office I had a fever with no known reason. Just looking at the list of typically symptoms makes me cringe.


I have not been tested to see if I have recurrent mononucleosis. I just found out it was a thing yesterday. Even if I do have it there isn’t anything they can do for me. Still I think I may ask my doctor to do a blood test. I would like to know if there is the possibility that this could be causing symptoms and issues in my life. It won’t change what I am doing for myself with the 30 plus fruits, veggies and berries daily (and some days more). It won’t change the essential oils for comfort measures.

And yet I have had so many issues for so long. The diagnosis I have I don’t believe is a real one. So why wouldn’t I keep on pursuing to get to the bottom of what is really causing the issues with my body in this life. I know it won’t change anything but I feel as if I am worth knowing. What if me knowing helps them develop a vaccine? What if me knowing helps me even more when I am uncomfortable? Knowing won’t fix me. Knowing won’t provide a cure. Knowing won’t change what I am doing. Yet knowing is something I owe to myself!

I really haven’t made up my mind about if I am going to ask my family doctor or my immunologist or not. With everything else going on I may just wait until after I deal with tomorrow’s appointment.

If you are someone who has had issues with your body, with pain, with exhaustion, with memory, with everything really, is it worth the test? Would you want to know if you have this even if it wouldn’t change anything you are doing? Would you want to know if it would only help others down the road and do nothing for you?

I am just going to focus on the appointment I have tomorrow. Figure out what is actually going on with my kidneys, the stones and the cyst and whatever else. Get whatever I need to get done over with . Then maybe I will be able to focus on if this is one of the things causing my physical issues.

Are you someone who had autoimmune issues? Is this something you have been tested for? Is this something you even knew about or is this a brand new thing for you as well? I would love to hear from you!

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2 thoughts on “Recurrent Mononucleosis”

    1. Having doctors check for anything seems to be a joke. It’s like pulling teeth from a rabid animal. But I’m going to add those to my list to check.

      Thank you!


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