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Be the Best You

As a parent you want to be the best parent you can be. It has been a hard thing for me for a long time now. I talked about this in the post misery to victory. I am not proud of those moments. I am embarrassed by these moments. Below it talks about how I am so offended when my body decides to be sick. It is kind of funny, because now that we are putting 30 plus veggies, fruits and berries in our bodies daily I do kind of get upset when I start to get sick.

I have to step back and realize I have been diagnosed with auto-immune issues. I have a lot of issues with my body that are caused by this. What we are doing is helping to keep our bodies healthier, we are boosting our immunities but it doesn’t prevent it all. It helps to lesson what we have going on with the symptoms and the duration but it does not fully prevent all the germies from getting us!

As a parent I used to think I was great at getting my children to eat their fruits and veggies. I used to take my oldest two out to eat and they would order salads. We would have wait staff ask the kids if they knew what a salad was and if they really wanted it! Then I had my picky two come into my life. When they were infants and getting fruit and veggies out of a jar they were pretty good. Then real food came into our life. I never struggled with so much in my life!

Jack was my worst. I had no idea the troubles I would have with this little boy to get good foods into him. The crazy thing is we were fast food free until he was almost 3 years old! He never had McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s, or anything like that. I still struggled to get nutrition into this little man. He lived off mac n cheese, bread, and pancakes. As he got a little older we added some other things, turkey bacon was the biggest advance we had in our lives (we tried real bacon but he always choked on it).

I had to find a solution to get more nutrition into my youngest kiddos and also into my husband. We were making choices to eliminate a lot of toxic chemicals in our house. I had tests run on my children. We found out they have immune systems like me. They all have the factor v leiden gene from me. It was so sad for me to see reasons why they were so sick all the time.

When I reached out to my friend for help and information I was still far away from from taking the jump. At the same time I wanted to get real food into my children. I knew that other things I give them can lead to inflammation, putting toxic chemicals in their bodies and who knows what else it could lead to. I wanted the best for my family. I wanted them to be boosting their bodies. I wanted to boost my body.

We made the choice to add real food into our life in the form of capsules and chews. I want my children and family to know you can’t put a price on health. You can’t put a price on being the best you that you can be. We have auto-immune issues, and I want them to know it doesn’t have to define your life! I want my children to have a better life than what I have shown them. I want them to know that they are the most important thing, besides God.

I have not been a great parent. We still struggle with illness. We are working on ourselves though. We are making our health a priority. We are making the most important thing we can work on. We have to make our bodies important or we can’t put our all into anything.

I pray that the changes we have made helps my family to see the importance in taking care of us. Not only does taking care of your body help you to be able to do things physically, it helps you mentally. When you are failing at things in your life, your mental health suffers more than you realize!

Life should be fun and be an adventure. In order to make it that, you have to take care of yourself and you have to have others around you who want to join in and sometimes you need money. You can help yourself have it all. You can take care of you in many ways.

You are your best project! Don’t give up on yourself! Remind yourself that you are worth it!

How can we help you remind yourself you are worth the time and energy to take care of yourself? How can we help you be the best person you can be?

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