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Always Give Thanks!

I have been in a thinking kind of mood. I have been thinking about all of the things to give thanks for. Even when things are looking crazy and insane and you don’t know what way is up. It helps to always look for the smallest thing to give joy about.

Tonight when I pulled into Speedway on the way home I was reminded of just how blessed I truly am. We have lived here in this area for the last eight in a half years. I have stopped at this gas station more times than I can count since we have been living here. I have stopped there many times even before living in this area. I have never pulled into the gas station and found money before and yet earlier this year that is exactly what happened, right when we needed the extra ten dollars. It was a blessing that we talked about here.

While I was sitting in my car tonight at the gas station it just all came back. We have been at this gas station so many times and never have we found money. It is the little things when you are overwhelmed with it all that can bring so much joy and remind you of the thanks you should be giving.

Other things that are small for some but hug for us in this house that we have given thanks for this year:

  • Our 30 plus fruits, veggies, berries boosting our bodies
  • Me being able to do dishes without dropping dishes
  • Me being able to walk up and down the stairs
  • Being physically active as a family
  • Growing in faith
  • Being able to mow the lawn
  • Developed relationships with new people
  • Developed relationships with people I have known a long time
  • The birds singing in the mornings, being able to hear their songs
  • Developing a habit of being with God each morning and doing a Bible study
  • Our Young Living Essential Oils helping boost our bodies so we haven’t had as many Dr. visits
  • The ability to switch from one kind of blood thinner to another type of blood thinner
  • Jack’s job
  • Insurance for when we need it
  • The butterfly bush we planted this summer
  • The weeds in the garden – it means I don’t have a black thumb
  • The wildflowers on our hills
  • The library that is so close
  • My fur babies: 2 pups and 2 kitties
  • The cuddles from my children
  • The words, “I love you”
  • The hugs and kisses from my family
  • The roof over our head
  • The stove I cook on
  • The dirty dishes in the sink, it means we have been eating
  • The dirty clothes piles, it means we have been wearing clean clothes
  • The pine needles on our living room floor, it means my family is happy with a real tree
  • The coconut and Bob Mills flour, it means I can still bake and enjoy the treats I bake

The list goes on and on. It is the little things that we need to look at. Some are little, some are big but all of them are gifts from God. He blesses us, we just need to stop and thank him!

I recall when I was walking back from dropping the kiddos off at the bus stop early in the year. I was walking back home and a warm breeze came up. I just opened my arms and felt it encase me, it was a warm hug from God. It was amazing. I stood there and just gave Him thanks! Thanks for the kiddos being in school, thanks for our house, thanks for the breeze, thanks for the hug, thanks for our house, thanks for the day, thanks for the sun and thanks for being my Savior.

Have you heard of the book, “A Thousand Gifts”? It is by the Ann Voskamp. She talks about similar things.

The things you give thanks for do not have to be big. It can be the soft spring grass that you are thankful for.

What are you currently thankful for? I would love to hear some of the things you have given thanks for this year!

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