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Boy It’s Cold Outside

I guess since it is cold outside it means that we have officially gotten to the holiday season. We have had a lot of warmer weather here. I had our windows open just a couple weeks ago.

However it is now cold. We had a bitter wind today. We are supposed to be getting some lake effect snow sometime tonight through Friday afternoon. In many ways I hope for snow day with the kiddos tomorrow. It would be nice to just cuddle up and watch some holiday movies with them, drink come hot complete cocoa, and enjoy the day. Of course since that is what I wouldn’t mind tomorrow will be a school day.

Wednesday is one of my favorite days of the week. I get to go and be with my Bible study group in the morning. They are my family. I look forward to the discussions. I look forward to the advice. I look forward to just being around their presence. It is such a great feeling to know I can reach out and I have them.

Today after spending time with them, I went to go return an item at Target and get the last few things. Once again as I started to walk through the aisles you could not get anywhere. It was all blocked. That was a huge complaint we had over the weekend when we went there. Was told that it was only because it was the weekend and it would be taken care of soon. Hey there it is five days later and the aisles are worse than they were in the weekend.

Thank goodness for  coffee and Anna’s House! It made the crazy shopping trip worth it all. Plus when I came home or Christmas lights had arrived. I knew I wasn’t going to have time to put them up but I was so excited to see them. We searched for a long time to find purple lights last week. Finally found some that looked great on the box and in the store. When we got them home and put them up on the tree they looked pink. Pulled out my memory bank and realized they must of had a purple cardboard or something behind it. I was so sad. So my task was back on to find purple lights.

I actually found some but none were in stock. Apparently purple is the new color for trees. I have talked to Jack for a couple of years now about doing a purple and silver tree. When Jack came home I suggested that he could put the lights on the tree when we were gone tonight. He didn’t think that was such a good idea, so I figured I would be doing it tomorrow. Instead when we pulled in the driveway tonight we saw a huge surprise. The curtains were open, the house lights were off and our tree was covered in purple and white Christmas light. My husband is so good to me.

Going back to our tree, we did a compromise this year. I got my purple and silver tree and he and the kiddos got a real tree! I guess that is what you do in marriage. After being together for ten years now (just short of ten years) you learn that some things really don’t matter. Yes we have switched to a real tree this year. I am not a fan of the needles falling and vacuuming all the time. I guess though it isn’t much different than picking up the branches and putting them back on the tree non stop. To see my family happy  makes me happy. You know they always say, “Happy wife, happy life.” And of course I totally agree with that. Still it isn’t just about the wife. When you as a family make compromises, work together, help each other out then you are all happy and rich.

It is kind of funny. When I was younger money was everything. I would hear people say how rich they were and all I could see was $$$$$. One of my best friends lived in this run down trailer and yet they were some of the happiest people I knew. It was then that I started to see that richness had more to do with your insides than what was in your bank account. It was awesome to know and realize that yes money can be nice to have but it doesn’t make you happy.
The last thing I would like to say today is remember Pearl Harbor. It happened 75 years ago. December 7, 1941 changed our country. There was three waves of attacks. The first wave had 353 planes. A second wave had 171 planes. It only last 90 minutes but it took the lives of 2403. 2,008 were from the Navy, 109 were from the Marines, 218 were from the Army and then the 68 civilians. There was also 1,143 who were wounded. We are losing our World War II veterans. Take time to talk to someone so history is not just something that is read in books.

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