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‘Tis The Season…

to be jolly,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.

Sorry – I thought if it had to be stuck in my head it might as well be stuck in yours as well!

Where has this last year gone? We are in December. Today is December 1st. ‘Tis The Holiday Season.’Tis The Elf Season. ‘Tis The Season.

Holidays can make adults crazier than normal. There is the holiday shopping. If you are like me you try to shop year round. Then you either hide the gifts so well you can’t find them, not hide them well enough and the kids find them or my favorite, get so excited that I can’t wait until Christmas and give it to them at the current time. So I have come to the conclusion that I am not the best at this whole year round shopping thing.

Then add the newest trend that has been going around. The Elf on the Shelf. We had an original elf that we used, “Jingles” and he was falling apart. So last year Jingles wrote a letter to the kiddos and let Jingles Jr and Bells to take over. This year my brain was so overwhelmed with other thoughts that I forgot the elves names! I had to trick my daughter Bella into telling me the elves names. Then to top it off, I could not recall where we put them last year. Turns out it wasn’t that I had a bad memory about the elves, it was that my husband took care of them at the end of last year! Thank goodness. Still every year they leave a note. I had worked on the note, just had to the put the names in it and print it out. Didn’t do it. All of a sudden our two elves showed up in the bathroom, mid day on Friday, and they were missing their note. So we are going to plan to drop off a note in about a week. Now we need to find a new place for them to go each night. Oh and we have already had a day when they didn’t move. Day two going into the third day they were still in the food closet when we got up. Thankfully the children thought it was because Zazoo climbed in there and touched them. We were able to save the day and we used our magic sprinkles on them and it worked because the next morning they had moved!

'Tis The Elf Season

Do not let yourself get so caught up in everything that you don’t find joy and peace and give others grace. We all need grace most days in our life and when we are busy and hurried and muddled and not living in the moment, we probably need it more than ever. We probably need to give it more than ever as well.

It is the season where things can be missed. It is when so many want to get together and yet because of all the other events going on it can be hard to find time. We are working on that right now actually with my immediate family. Trying to figure out the best time to get together for family when we have such a short holiday this year. Everyone has an opinion but at some point we just need to come together. We are looking at doing it on Christmas Day. We have gotten away from that in past years because we all have younger children. Still, we need to find a time and it looks like that may be the only one we have.

'Tis The Season for Peace and Grace

Do you have any family traditions? Have you taken family traditions that have been passed on to you and your spouse and combined them? Have you created new ones just for your family?

We do not have many family traditions. We have tried to make them work but as parents we haven’t been faithful to those traditions. Here are some of them that get mixed in: Christmas cookies, baking, decorating and eating (last year we did it with all of the cousins and it was amazing!). Stockings are from Santa (at our home and at Grandma Puppies house). OH this one is going on year four now (super proud about that): Santa makes a stop at our house on Christmas Eve. He drops a gift off for Bella and Jack David and it always has Christmas PJ’s, a mug with hot cocoa and a movie to snuggle up with.

Really there are no words to express the feeling I get when the doorbell rings, the tracks lead off to nowhere (when there is snow) and they have an early present to open. Their eyes get so big, they get so excited on the porch looking to see if they can see Santa, and then they come inside and open up their gifts.

Our newest tradition though is the one that was created about three years ago. It was the first year we had Gizmo in our home for Christmas. He wasn’t that big yet but he loved to climb. He was in the tree all the time. Same with the next year. Now this year we have added Zazoo to the tradition has changed a little.

We do still have our cat tree with both cats. Now though they have created a game for me! They chase each other around (and this includes our little dog Mindee) and then the two cats leap in and out of the tree. So far this year we do not have any lights on the tree and it will probably stay that way. I spend my day picking up all the branches that have fallen off the tree and put them back on. It is a great way to get some exercise. I have put this tree together more times this year than I can count.

'Tis a Cat Tree

I would love to hear about your traditions. What do you do that is special this time of year? Do you make a point to look for your joys? Do you make a point to give yourself and others grace? Do you have a cat tree?

Don’t forget ‘Tis the Season to stop, look around, take in all you see and smile because you can pick out small blessings and enjoyments.

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