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End of 2016 Giveaway

end-of-2016-giveawayWe are ending this year with a 2 person giveaway. Each person will have the chance to win 4 mystery Young Living Essential Oils.

At this point I am not sure what we are going to order for the giveaway. Isabella said we should each pick our favorites, throw them in a hat and draw out 8 oils and split them up into the prizes. After careful consideration and having no other ideas on how we are picking we will probably go with her method!

Make sure you come back daily so that you can register for the giveaway daily! There are many ways you can register but you always have your free entry!

We are doing the giveaway from November 30th thru December 9th so take advantage of all the time you have.

It is Tuesday and we are about to start our last giveaway of the 2016 year. Hard to believe how far we have come since we started doing these.

We have been trying to write daily Monday through Friday since we decided to listen and follow God. I hope that by us listening to Him, it has somehow blessed you!

Please be sure to take a moment to register. We love being a blessing to others.

CLICK -> End of 2016 Giveaway

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*Juice Plus+ is the only company we recommend for whole food based nutrition.

*Tower Garden is the only vertical aeroponic we recommend for vertical gardens.

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