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Happy Thanksgiving

So this years thanksgiving changed a bit from where I thought I would be this year. We are typically with my family the years we have Adam but because of the neck break and then the arm break of the in-laws we switched. The main reason was I would be helping make thanksgiving dinner.

This year I would be making one of the two turkeys. I would be making a couple of veggie dishes, some desserts and whatever else they happened to need done once at the house. We were supposed to be eating around half time of the Lions game. Didn’t really happen that way but it was a good plan.

The day before I was doing my best to get everything prepped for Thursday. Of course life happened. I started with bringing the turkey into the house and I found that it was pretty much still frozen. So I had to pray for the best and hope it would be thawed in enough time to cook it before going to bed.

Started to cut up the veggies and ended up side tracked with other things. Like driving my sister to the airport, chasing a dog down, taking phone calls, scheduling appointments, running over to the in-laws, fielding more phone calls and finally turning the phone off and heading into the kitchen.

Finally started to work on the turkey. It was not feeling frozen but there was still a little ice inside of it, so I pulled it out. I then got the fruit and onion cut up. Mixed up the butter mixture and got ready to stuff the bird. I take and loosen the skin from the breast and put a bit of the butter mix and then the put a slice of orange and lemon on each side. Then I took a little of the butter mix and put it on the inside cavity alone with all but one wedge of the fruit and onion. I took the last wedge of the fruit and onion and put it in the neck cavity. Put a little butter mix on the breast of the bird, tied up the legs and flipped the bird over. Buttered up the bottom side and tossed it into the 400 degree oven! After a hour I turned it down to 350 degrees. After it had been in for about 2.5 hours I took it out, used my heat safe/silicone gloves and tossed the bird so it was breast side up. Topped it with what was left of the butter mixture and put it back into the oven for the remaining two hours.

I really do love the way my turkey turns out. The seasoning, the flavor, how moist it is and the gravy, oh the gravy!

The fruits I use is an orange and a lemon. I put a little water in the bottom of the pan with a couple drops of. Young Living Citrus Fresh.

The butter is a mix of Tastefully Simple Rustic Herb seasoning, honey and butter. Mix it together and yummy.

The drippings when  it is cooked are amazing. Have the fruity flavor that just give a unique flavor to the gravy. I haven’t met anyone who hasn’t liked the hint of citrus in it. It isn’t an overpowering flavor but you can taste it.

My Wednesday and my Thursday really didn’t go as planned and I am still thankful!

Thursday started out with Jack David waking up at 5 wanting to know if it was time to start the day. Daddy said 1 more hour Jackie. About 7 he woke up telling me his belly hurt. So that is how the day pretty much went. He was okay and then he wasn’t feeling good. Made it through church and his singing and then felt awful. His belly just hurt. So Jack and Jack skipped thanksgiving dinner at Grandma’s house.

I offered to skip it but Jack said with how hard I worked on this meal I was going to go over and enjoy it. So I did.

Got home. Put the food away. Cleaned off the rest of the turkey from the bone. Got the bone thrown away so the dogs and cats wouldn’t tear into the bag while we slept. Crawled into bed at about 6 to lay with Jackie for a while and fell asleep.

I slept until 7:45 today. I woke up, tossed and turned from pain (not a shock considering it is raining today), and I slept. I missed washing my face, brushing my teeth, combing my hair, taking my pills and basically getting ready for bed. It was much needed sleep.

Today was deep cleaning the kitchen, deep cleaning the living room and putting up part of the Christmas tree (it is up but not with anything on it). I think my favorite part of the day was putting the tree up. Our new kitten ZaZoo was so cute. He was crawling through the branches as they were on the floor. His eyes got huge and all he wanted to do was play. He was stalking as the branches were being moved. It was adorable. Took me back to when Gizmo was a bitty baby and he would do the same thing.

I hope you had a fabulous thanksgiving and black friday (I try to avoid participating in it). What was your favorite thing about your thanksgiving? Do you make a fabulous turkey as well?

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