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Free Essential Oils

It is the day before Thanksgiving and I got an amazing box in the mail today. As most of you know I am a wholesale member with Young Living. I participate in their monthly essential rewards program. This month I bought some things I have been wanting to try for about say 3 years now.

So because of all the usual things and getting the new to us products, we got some awesome free to us products! I am always excited to participate in essential rewards. You get so many benefits from it. You get free points to purchase free essential oils at a later time. If you spend so much each month you get free products with your monthly order.

How could you go wrong with any of it?

I will be going over essential rewards soon. We have had some amazing changes to the essential rewards program and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Do you believe to Young Living or another company that you get something like this? I can say this is the first company I have been a part of that has such a great rewards program. Each month the items they offer are new and different and typically related to the season.

This month I was so excited for these free essential oils. With all that has been going on in the home we are just about out of both Sacred Frankincense and Frankincense. Of course I have been wanting to try Myrrh and then the Christmas Spirit, I mean hello next month IS the Christmas Season and in this house, it will begin on Friday!

Honestly though since I first got to smell Christmas Spirit I have been in love with it. I diffuse Christmas Spirit all year long. I can close my eyes, breath it in and be taken back to Christmas mornings, snow flakes falling outside our picture window and the kids laughing while opening presents next to the tree. All I need is a coffee cup in my hand with some delish coffee and some Complete.

Do you have any perfect memories? Okay they probably are not perfect because I know in our home it doesn’t last very long. That peace, laughter, happiness. It quickly changes to things like, “He won’t stop touching me.” Or, “She is kicking me.” Or, “Thanks for the gifts I’m gonna go play games in my room now.” I would still love to hear about any memories that a certain scent brings to mind for you!

Tomorrow is a holiday here in the United States. I will be on posting but it will probably be later so I am praying and wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!

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