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Unexpected News

I have been quiet. I haven’t really known what to say.

I woke up on Sunday, went the bathroom and got the shock of my life. After still bleeding when going the bathroom 24 hours later I decided I had best call the Dr and see if I could be seen.

Went in and did a urinalysis, took my temp, blood pressure, weight, and asked me a ton of questions. History of kidney or bladder cancer, any injury, burning when urinating, frequency in urination, any back pain and so much more. Then was the physical exam of beating on my kidneys, beating on my back flanks and tapping on the bladder.

Other than the blood in my urine and a fever I had zero signs of infection. Even the urinalysis came back with trace protein and negative on the nitrates (the two main signs of an infection). They did some lab work and sent out a culture. All came back negative for infection.

She also set up kidney and bladder ultrasound. She wants to see if there is any mass, tumor or signs of anything that could have just recently shown up. She said a new mass/tumor could cause a fever as your body tries to fight it at first. She wants to make sure there isn’t any cancer.

At first when I was leaving I was a bit in shock. I mean you see I am on an Anticoagulant and I really felt it was from that. I went in there thinking they were going to want to change the medication I was taking. Walked out thinking of my word how in the heck is this even a thought of hers?

I did however wake up in the middle of the night with left flank pain and a thought. Eighteen years ago, this same week I was 7 months pregnant and dealing with an unknown bunch of kidney stones!

The story went something like this: It was Thanksgiving week. My brother was a senior in high school and he was one of the three football team captains. They made it to state and I was looking forward to going and cheering my brother and his team on. I was not feeling the greatest but figured it was just the fact I was so pregnant. Wednesday I ended up having some serious pain. It was coming and going but it was nothing I had ever anything like it before. Thanksgiving day was much the same. Back pains that were coming and going and bringing me to my knees. Friday came and nothing was helping. I was using tylenol and motrin every three hours (alternating), heating pad, ice pack and nothing was helping. Friday night I ended up in the emergency room. I was sent home being told I had pulled ligament pain and it was normal for pregnancy (it was my second pregnancy and I never had this). Saturday I stayed home and watched the game on TV while I moaned and groaned in pain. Saturday night I ended up in the ER again with them basically telling me the same thing. Go home, use pain meds, heat and ice and rest. Come Sunday I was in worse pain and ended up in the emergency room again. This time I was taken to a different one and they did ultrasound, did labs, had me straining urine, and gave me pain meds to help with the pain. Later that night I was admitted to the hospital with kidney stones and bilaterhydronephrosis. Definitely was not ligament pain! I was beyond happy to know I was not completely crazy (because that is how I felt when I left the other ER).

So here I am again, starting Thanksgiving week and having flank pain. I am 90% certain I have a kidney stone that is moving. However my Dr. would still like me to go in to have a scan because she wants to rule everything else out. I still have a fever but no signs of infection and that is stumping her and making her have concerns.

I am forever thankful for Jesus. I have been turning my eyes to Him! I have been trusting He has me just like He always has! In the past, He has always been there for me in good and bad. Why would any of this change it. He knows what is going to happen. He knows if it is something small or something big and He has me.

At the end of the day, just like I have said before there is only One who has me and it is the Trinity.

I can not see my future. I do not know what is going to happen but He does. Turn it all over to Him because ultimately He is the one who is control!

On a positive note Jack had an interview this morning for a different position. I have been praying to God that he be at least given an interview so that he feels like he means something there. When he came home and told me he was chosen for an interview I was so excited for him! It would be amazing if he did get the job but at the same time, I am truly thankful he got the interview!

If you are the praying kind or the good vibe sending kind I would appreciate them. I am His and I know this and I am okay with whatever He has planned. However I always appreciate prayers!

I hope you have been having a great time over the last few days!

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5 thoughts on “Unexpected News”

      1. When one door closes another opens. I believe this because I’ve experienced first hand. Something better must be waiting around the corner.


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