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There Will Be Hardship, Find Your Joy

I have had migraines for a long time. Certain times in my life they have been worse than others. When I was younger they were bad. I spent a lot of time in the doctor’s office, in urgent care and in the emergency department trying to find relief.

I was glad that as I got older they were not as bad as when I was younger. However I was not so happy to find out that they can be hereditary. I have passed them on to at least two of my four children. My middle son and my only daughter.

At around 3 AM this morning Bella woke up with horrible forehead/front of the head pain. It hurt her to walk, talk, move her head, move her eyes, and just be still. We did a lot of oiling in the middle of the night. I was oiling her head about every fifteen minutes from     3 AM to about 4:45 AM. At that point she fell into a not so deep sleep for about two hours.

We have had a long day today. It was filled with not much sleep. It was filled with a lot of oiling. It was filled with Complete shakes so I was getting something healthy in me. It was filled with doctor offices. It was filled with emergency departments.

However through all of this time today I had my great niece and she was happy and smiling. It was my middles sons first unofficial official final ski team dryland practice (which knocked him out cold, he didn’t even eat his dinner). It was filled with my niece bringing me a latte from Starbucks. It had joy that was spread throughout the day.

I do not like when my children do not feel good. I hate seeing them in pain and hurting. I can’t imagine that there are any parents out there that would find enjoyment in any of this. However even when things are so overwhelming and not within your control, it is so important to find some kind of joy.

find-your-joyJoy, happiness, peace, calm, and any emotion that brings you away from whatever hardship is currently bringing you down. Life does have times when you want to scream. Life does have time when you wonder where in the world your energy is coming from. Life does have time when you just don’t know how you are going to put one foot in front of the other. Still you can stop, close your eyes, take a look inward and find your joy.

You have to. Staying in the constant chaos can drain you and bring you quickly to a place you don’t want to be. I have been in that place before. I never want to go back to that place.

I have a friend who out of the blue (more often than not) will randomly text me, “What’s your joy?” Sometimes she will do it many days in a row and other times it will just be a couple times a week. It always seems to be just at the right time though. God placed her in my life a LONG time ago (12 years ago to be exact). However it has been over the past few years we have grown really close.

It helps pull me back when I am in a struggle. It helps me refocus on what is truly important. It helps me find my joy. Sometimes I can pull one out immediately and send a text back. Other things I really have to think about it, but I still find my joy.

Life is not always going to be easy. Hardships come in many forms. It could be an illness. It could be something with a home. It could be something with a vehicle. It could be something with your children. It could be something with your employment. It could be something others see as small. It could be something others see as big. Hardships come in many forms and no one is exempt from them.

The biggest thing is to keep going, find your joy, know you are loved and cared about, and reach out to others when you are going down. You are not alone. Your days may seem bleak but there is always a joy.

Did you see the leaves are changing color? Did you hear the frogs when you went outside? Did you see the sun shining through the clouds? Did you hear the birds singing you a song? Did you see your baby smile? Did your dog (or cat) nuzzle up to you?

Trust in the Lord with all your Heart. Give all your worries and cares to God, for He cares about you. God Loves you, He always has, He always will! Seek Him out and you will have a peace you might have a hard time fathoming!

My Bella still isn’t feeling good tonight. She has spent more time crying over the past 20 hours than anything else. There are moments I want to run and hide but I know she is in so much pain. We keep on oiling. We keep on praying. We just keep on moving in the direction the doctors asked us to.

It isn’t easy watching her like this. If she is really beginning to have migraines like the doctors think, we are in for a very long road. I need to pull my joy out and pull it out often. Migraines can be hereditary. Migraines can come in many shapes and sizes. Migraines can be quick. Migraines can be long. Migraines hurt those who have it and those who are around them.

My Bella is only eight years old. In just under a month she will be nine and this is not what I ever envisioned her going through. So I will continue to pray that whatever is going on is short lived. I will continue to lift it all up to God and I will continue to find my joy during these hard times.

Maybe it is time I start finding my joy every day, even when the whole day has been fabulous. Then it won’t be so hard to find my joy during those hardships.

Do you take time to find your joy? What was your joy today? I would love to hear about it!

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