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Happy Anniversary!

That is right. As of this week my family has been on Juice Plus for eight months! We have been making healthier choices for eight months (for the most part). We received our last shipment to make it a full year. What you are looking at is our four month supply of Juice Plus (minus the Complete shakes because those do not last me four months).

Juice Plus has been on my mind and heart for a long time now. Almost eight years. It took a long time for me to finally pull the trigger and get here. So thankful I finally did that in March!

Jack and I participate in the Children’s Health Study with Bella and Jack David. What we are doing for that is we get the children’s portion (orchard/garden) for free for up to four years as long as there is an adults purchased. Do you know what has happened in the last eight months with our doing the CHS?

My children are making healthier choices. They drink more water. They pick fruits over sugars. They still indulge at times but for the most part they are picking healthier things to eat. They are trying more veggies. Prior to this dinner time was a nightmare. It isn’t better every day at this point but it is much better than it was. I used to have to fight with them to take a single bite of a veggie. Now they are eating about a tablespoon of veggies at a time. It might be small progress but after just about eight years with Bella and four years with Jack David I will take baby steps! Happy Anniversary to us!

We make healthier choices as a family. We are outside doing more together. We have more energy. We go on walks. We go on bike rides. I get out in the yard and play soccer with them. We run up and down our big hill and have races. We are having an enjoyable time as a family. We went out to the lake this summer four times. Not only did we go to the lake, we walked out to the pier, we ran up and down the sand dunes and we have a pleasant time together. Happy Anniversary to us!

It has been eight months of my face not hurting. It has been eight months of my face getting less red and less bumpy. It has been eight months of less overall pain in my body. It has been eight months of my nails getting stronger. It has been eight months of having more energy. It has been eight months of me being more active. It has been eight months of me being happier. It has been eight months of me having smiles. It has been the best eight months I personally have had in over ten (plus) years! Happy Anniversary to us!

I am really excited that we are going into our final four month shipment. By the time we finish these four months we will have been on Juice Plus for a full year. It is so hard to believe it will be a full year. I truly can not wait to see where it takes us.

We are going to Disney World again next year. This time I am really excited about it. I will have energy. I will weight less. I will not be unprepared and out of shape. I will be happy and keeping up with my children. I had a great time last time we went but I was always in pain. My whole body hurt 24/7 and even though it was my happy place and a fabulous vacation, I overall was miserable. I can’t wait to head to Florida next year and to step into Disney World and be able to enjoy it!

Life has changed for us over the last eight months. I am very excited to see where it is going to take us. My body still has a lot of healing to do. I have beat it up for 41 years now! That is a long time to beat yourself up! 🙂 However I am now on the path of health, wellness and healing. Things don’t just happen overnight. It would be amazing if that was the case but I’ll take what I get.

Do you know what else Juice Plus has done for us over the past 8 months? It has provided extra income. We decided to do it as a business if we were going to use it. I am really happy we did. We are not only changing our health, we are helping others to change theirs! Do you know how excited that is?! For me it is really excited. I actually took time over this past week and wrote a thank you to all customers we have had over the last eight months! Thank you for trying it even if it didn’t work (we had some people who had food allergies they didn’t know about until they tried Juice Plus). Thank you for caring about your health and wellness. Thank you for being a dedicated customer.

I really do care about you and your health. I really do care about your family and how they are doing. I really want you to feel better, even if it doesn’t include Juice Plus or Young Living! You live near me and need someone to walk with? Let’s go! You live near me and need someone to keep you accountable? Let’s go! You don’t live close and still want my help? Phone call, text, facetime, facebook messenger call? Let’s do it!

I believe in you. I believe in your well being. I want you to be happy. I know what it is like to be miserable. I still have bad days but you know what, 90% of my days are 70% better than they have been in a long time now. I want that for you as well!

Juice Plus has given our family a new outlook over the past eight months. We have had our lives changed. We are happy with this eight month Happy Anniversary!

What can I help change for you over the next week, month, year? How can I help you be happier? How can I help you and your health?

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*Juice Plus+ is the only company we recommend for whole food based nutrition.

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