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Get Out And Vote!

Today is the election for the President of the United States. I have been voting since I was 18 years old. I have never had this hard of a time with an election.

It makes me really sad that this is what we are voting for. It makes me really sad that the education that is out there is lacking so much for most of our population. There are some who are out there who are truly educated and know and understand most of not all of what they are voting for. Still there are so many who are not totally sure.

For me part of the not fully understanding is that so much is crammed into things. When it comes to what we should be doing for energy it is broken into so many parts. Then add that each person who is running has a different stance and brings more into it. Of course don’t forget how often they can change their mind.

When you look at the people who are running for President most if not all of them have changed their stance so many times over their lifetime that it is hard to know what they really believe and what they really will do. How can I really know what any of them believe about abortion or same sex marriages or immigration or how government should be run and fund. Really everything that is made to be of such importance during the election years, each of them have had a change of opinion over their lifetime.

Maybe it isn’t even a change of opinion, maybe it is a change for who they are trying to get the support of at the time. How many times can you honestly change your “view” of things and still be looked at as trustworthy?

Do not get me wrong, I think every person can have their mind changed over things during their lifetime. I do think you can go from being for or against something by educating yourself instead of just hearing popular thoughts about things. At the same time though when you flip flop back and forth, you make me have a distrust of you and your opinion and thoughts.

I am also not a fan of the way our country currently does voting with electoral votes counting. I do not see this as a true election. My vote isn’t a true vote. My vote isn’t counted as a singular vote for person X in the elections. I do think we need to have an overhaul of the way elections are run. I want my vote to count as a true vote.

I wish we would also do away with the mud slinging. Our elections have not become about what the issues are for our country they have been about who can dig up the most dirt to throw. What about all the funds that are raised for the elections and who can support the candidates? I feel we should not allow companies to support the people running. I hate that our government is no longer for the people but it is for who has the largest check to buy me.

change-your-behaviorI do realize this isn’t anything new in our country. I do realize these things have gone on for a long while now. I do realize we have one person who is running who would like to change these things or some things. To be perfectly honest I am not really 100% certain what he would like to truly change. It was a bit muddled as I listed to all the debates and mud slinging that was going on.

Another thing I do not like is the fact that so much of the past comes out. When people are in the public eye those things were out there the whole time. Why are we digging the stuff up again? I understand current events. I understand things that are in the here and now. Am I the only person who is out there who thinks maybe people can actually change? That the stuff they used to do and say can actually change?

It does however go along with the current times and what they currently do and say. You can’t just say you have changed and expect everyone to believe it. Your actions and your behavior prove who you are better than anything you say.

I have faith in those who prove themselves by not only their words but also their actions and behaviors!

I do believe as a United States citizen who has the right to vote that you must get out and vote. I do believe if you are old enough to vote there is no reason you should have forgotten to register. (you see every time you go in to renew your drivers license they ask if you are or need to get registered to vote) There are zero excuses for why if you are 18+ years old that you should not vote in one way or another. I do not care if you vote by absentee ballot or if you go stand in line. Get out and vote – it is your right, it is your obligation and it is something that our country and people in our country have fought for (especially for woman and african american people) so that we can vote.

I do believe as a woman in the United States it was my obligation to get out and vote today. Today was the hardest vote of my life. I am still not fully confident in the person I voted for. I walked out of the election precinct and had the biggest knot in my stomach. That makes me so sad. I have to know that I am not in control in the end and that God has me.

How did this election make you feel? Are you confident in your vote?

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