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Tower Garden Vertical Aeroponic

Have you ever heard of aeroponic technology? Well we had not either until we started to look at Tower Garden. After we did start to look at it I was falling more and more in love with what it is!

Here is a short video that will give you a little bit of information about Vertical Aeroponic Technology: CLICK HERE

Now I am a lover of fresh fruits and veggies. Growing up we would help my grandparents on their farm. We would pick things from the garden, clean, cook and eat (and sometimes eat while cleaning them).

There was a lot of variety of things to pick and eat: green beans, yellow beans, corn, raspberries, strawberries, asparagus, rhubarb and so much more. One of the things I was never a fan of though was the weeding.

Since I have never been a fan of weeding I have avoided having gardens in my life. Every onctower-gardene in a while my amazing husband will wear me down until I say, “Fine we will have a garden but I am not doing any of the work!” Low and behold guess who ends up doing the work? You guessed it, me!

This go back to why I would LOVE to have a Tower Garden: NO SOIL = NO WEEDING! Seriously it took next to nothing to convince me this is the way that I want to do my gardening from this point on!

It is vertical so that means it uses a lot less space! I do not have to give up my yard to have a garden. It isn’t large (30×30 inches) and it is recommended a 3 foot by 3 foot space. I can use this on my deck in the summer. I can use this in the house in the winter (that is right another bonus is fresh produce in the WINTER; in Michigan)!

So are you still wondering what exactly aeroponic technology is? Aeroponics is the process of growing plants in an air or mist environment, without the use of soil. It is the most effective and efficient way to provide plants with the necessary nutrients, hydration and oxygen. (This is the technology that Tower Garden uses)

The standard Tower Garden can grow up to 20 plants. There is an option to purchase an extension kit that will allow you to grow up to 28 plants at a time! That means you can have fresh produce year round, that you gardened.

Do you have children? What a great way to teach them about gardening and how to do it year round. We did a garden; a raised garden this year in our yard. Come spring I am going to have to move our garden to another location so I can reseed our yard. Still I gave in and we had a garden. One that everyone else was going to maintain. I was thankful and my children did help but it was me pulling the weeds again this year. Have I told you how much I do not like weeding gardens? I recall telling my husband before we found the Tower Garden if I could just have a garden I didn’t have to weed I would jump at that chance!

You are probably wondering now how many plants can you actually grow in this Tower Garden. I know I did wheTower Garden Fruits & Veggies.jpgn I first learned about it. Believe it or not you can grow over 150 different types of plants! There are some exceptions to what you can grow. You can not grow root crops (carrots/potatoes), grapevines, bushes or trees.

You can also grow herbs (lots of them actually) and some flowers (some edible and some ornamental).

We are going to be getting a Tower Garden soon and really I can’t wait. I am hoping that we will be getting it into our home within the next month but I can’t be 100% certain about that yet. However I do know what I am looking forward to growing in this fall season.

Tower Garden Fall Crops.jpg

I will be growing in our Tower Garden: Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Peas, Lettuce and Dill. Will probably also do some Spinach as well because it go great in a fresh salad. You know Broccoli would not be bad either because I do love broccoli in salad as well.

I am getting more and more excited about what we are about to add to our home. The Tower Garden only takes about 25 minutes to set up. It is uses about 2% of the water a normal garden uses. The plants grow up to 3 times faster than plants in a normal garden. You also yield about 30% more than you would from a normal garden. Best of all there is NO DIRT! My hands will not get dirty having to weed the Tower Garden and I will still get all of the yummy fruits and veggies.

Do you know how exciting it is to think of walking out onto my deck in the summer, grabbing some strawberries, lettuce and cucumbers. Walking back into the house and not having to scrub under my nails to get all of the dirt out from taking a few minutes to weed before picking the crops?

This is a little bit off subject but I really am not a fan of weeding, even in flower gardens. I typically take one weekend a summer when I get really tired of seeing all the weeds grown up and pull them all. Then I slowly watch them grow the rest of the summer. Fall comes and I go through with my clippers and cut everything down. Then repeat the next summer. I am now considering a second Tower Garden just for the ornamental flowers I would be able to grow in it. I could just get rid of our flower gardens and put a Tower Garden on our porch! That would help eliminate the negativity about my overgrown flower gardens.

I am really looking forward to truly fresh produce over the winter months. Interested in getting a Tower Garden for you home? CLICK HERE

What would you grow if you had a Tower Garden in your home?

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