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Autoimmune Disorder and Still Smiling

If you live with any kind of autoimmune disorder you know the pain that comes with weather changes, rain, cold and sometimes just bad days.

Well the past few days it has been drizzling off and on, then getting really warm and then back to the drizzle. Then it turned into rain and not just rain but a very cold rain. Of course it wasn’t enough for it to being raining. I had to be out in the rain a lot. This rain just came on days when there was church, appointments, and overall running that had to be done.

Last night I had a very bad night. I was in a lot of discomfort from the hips down and in my shoulders. I was so miserable I didn’t even want to get up out of bed to go get my discomfort essential oils (such a big mistake but when you are miserable, even when you know something will help, sometimes it is just too much to get to it).

So I laid in bed, all night, tossing, turning and not sleeping well.

I was quickly brought back to what my life has typically been for years. Except this was my daily life in all weather. It was just that my autoimmune disorder pain was made worse in the cold and rain.

There would be days I could not pick up dishes without dropping them because my hands had so much pain. There would be days and sometimes weeks when I could not go up and down stairs to do laundry because I had to much pain. There were days when I could not hold the vacuum long enough to even get the living room done. There were times when I would avoid drinking and eating because I knew I would have to sit down on the toilet and get back up and that small action made me hurt so much that I did whatever I could to avoid it.

Prior to my children being in school full time, if I was having a “bad” day I would turn the TV on in my bedroom and we would cuddle in bed all day long watching whatever they wanted. I was not a very good mom during these times. They would bring me their cup and I would pour them a drink with me in bed. They would bring me bread and the things needed to make them a sandwich.

I was very blessed that even if my children didn’t understand what autoimmune disorder  meant they were understanding that mommy has bad days. That isn’t who I ever wanted to be as a parent, as a stay at home mom. I just didn’t know what to do to fix any of it.

I was put through a lot of testing. I was put on a lot of medication. However I had a big problem. Medication I absolutely have to be on for a clotting disorder prevented me from being on certain pain medications. Of course then I have my allergy and sensitivity to medications and that prevented me from being on a lot of other medications. The sad thing is about all of this was back in 2013 I was on 12 to 13 medications on a regular basis. You know because when you find a medication that “helps” you but end up with side effects and go into the doctors for help with the side effects and the doctor ends up giving you another medication and another and another.

Who wants to live that way? I didn’t anymore. I was tired of it. It was hard to know if my symptoms were from my autoimmune disorder or from medications or from reactions. I was done. I was tired of it creating a mental and physical exhaustion in me.

Today however my life is much different. Even though last night was a bad night with my autoimmune disorder. Even though last night I tossed and turned and didn’t want to move. Keep in mind 99% of the time I have essential oils next to my bed to help with things like this. It has been a long time (March 2016) since I have had one of these nights and so I didn’t have them next to me.

I got up today and I doubled up on my 30 plus fruit and veggies and have been oiling like crazy to be able to function and function well. I have been smiling today and that is a good thing! I am not 100% pain free from all that is going on but the fact I am smiling says a LOT.

For someone who typically deals with pain by being mean, snippy, irritated, rude, and well overall how my body feels is how others are treated (NOT a good example for anyone during these times) I am doing amazing today! My children were typical children today plus I had my niece and nephew. I had a lot of patience for all of them. More than I would typically on a day like today. I was able to listen to them. I was able to sit with them. I was able to have a good day with my children.

I still might not be the mom I would like to be all of the time but I was much closer to the mom I would like to be all the time today than I have been while dealing with my  autoimmune disorder discomfort. Having any kind of discomfort isn’t fun. It does not matter if you are used to dealing with it or if it is something new for you. We all have something we would like to be; a good person, a good parent, a good friend and a good family member. I am much closer to being that person by knowing there are things I can do to help with my issues. I know I can double up on my fruits and veggies and I know I can pull out essential oils that help my muscles to relax.

Are you someone who doesn’t do well in the cold and rain? What do you use to help your discomfort levels?

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