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Own Your Life

Are you happy with your life? I mean really happy with your life? Why do you continue to do what you do? What is your why in life?

I am owning my life. As a husband and wife we are owning our life.

own-your-lifeFor a long time I really believed that if I wanted the whole world I had to let go of Christ. I could not be a Christian and have money for enjoyment. However after much discussion I know part of it is true but not all of it.

Can I live without money? Yes I have done it.

Can I live with money? Yes, as long as I am not worshiping it and I am using it for His kingdom.

Being a person who works from home allows me the time to do things for Him. It allows me to show others His light that is within me. It allows me to have more time with my children and help at their schools. It allows me more time for me to be healthy and work out. It allows me more time for my inlaws and parents.

Being a person who is making this work we are tithing more now than we ever have. Not only are we able to tithe more, we are giving more; more time, more money, and more gifts to others.

A year ago we had our first giveaway here on this site. At the time I felt like it was going to be 3 months of giving. As I reached the end of the 3 months I felt like I was being told, “Keep going.” and so we did and we haven’t stopped since that time.

That is just one more blessing we have been able to do by following His lead.

I know that when I say I want the whole world, I know exactly what I mean. I want to be able to have it all. I want to praise Him and all He has given to us. I want to show my children that you can work and bring honor to Christ with all you earn and do. You can still go on vacations and give back and be humble. You can have it all when you put Christ first in your life and hand your life over to Him.

Amazing things happen.

Do you listen to His lead? It took me a long time to get there but the last 12 months have been amazing since I really started to listen to Him.

God is so good and I am very happy we have been following Him.

Where is He leading you and your life? Is there anyway I can help you?

Would you like to contact us ?

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