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Simple, Little, Easy Reminders

I have a smart phone. It has a Bible app on it. It has Pinterest on it. It has Chrome on it. Still I am a person who still loves paper.

Paper books. Paper to-do lists. Paper to doodle on. Paper notes from church. Paper notes from Bible study. Paper calender. Sticky notes frame my computer monitor with reminders. Reminders of God’s word. Reminders of who I am. Positive go to things that I need in my life.

So when I was school shopping and saw these spiral index cards (on sale) I bought a couple of them.

My first thought was prayer cards to keep with me. Fits in the purse, would have it with me always so if someone asks me to pray I can open it up and put them down.

Then I started to think about how when I am gone and need those positive words and affirmations I don’t stop and open my apps. So I put it by my Bible that I use for my personal study. When something stuck out to me I wrote the verse down.

I went back and grabbed a couple more of them. I still am using one for prayer requests. Plus I have one I was using for positive quotes I can look over.

I love paper. I love the smell of it. I love the feel of it. I think it is good to have an actual physical copy and reminder that you can have.

Now when I am out, I have all the reminders I need with me. They are easy to pull out, they are easy to fill out, they are with me all the time.

So happy with my find! Do you have anything like this you do or should be doing but didn’t have an easy solution?

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