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God’s Calling For You

There have been a few things that have been really sticking out to me lately with my Bible study’s. I seem to be running into a common theme with both my Wednesday morning Bible study and my personal Bible study.

  • Prayer
  • Listening
  • Doing
  • Thanksgiving

gods-callingI do pray but I tend to do basic prayers or desperate prayers. I talk to God off and on during the day but I have these things I desire and want for my family, myself and our well being and I tend to just let those prayers go.

I do listen but not very well. I know I could do better at listening to both God and those who are in my life. It seems I have extremes. I listen really well and say little or I say a lot and don’t listen a whole lot. God gave me two ears and one mouth for a reason!

I am here for a reason. I do know He has called me for specific things. I know some of those I do and excel at and others, well I feel a bit like Jonah. He calls me and I run the other way. I do finally end up doing what He called me to but I am fantastic at avoiding.

I am full of thanksgiving but a lot of times I do not express it. I know we are supposed to give praise and thanks with our prayers. I guess this one could go along with the prayer. I need to improve upon it.

I will give you an example that incorporates all of these things. I felt a calling to create this blog. That was back at the beginning of 2014. I finally created it around September 2014. I launched it in January 2015. I posted here and there but nothing like I knew I should be. I was being called to do giveaways, education, talk about our family, life, Him and so much more. It kept on coming into my mind while I prayed. Finally around July 2015 I gave in and “set dates”. I truly started to do what I was called to do in September 2015. It has been just over a year since I started to bless others which in turn has blessed me and this family.

I tend to be a person who prays, listens, runs, cries, prays some more, repeat all the prior stuff and then finally after not being able to run and hide anymore I do.

I can’t even imagine all of the things I have missed out on in my life because of running away from what I am being called to do instead of running towards what I am being called to do!

Thank goodness He loves me and knows what I am like.

What are you like? Do you jump in once you hear from God or do you run the other way?

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