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What Keeps You Going?

Life has been hectic for a little over three weeks now. Okay, more hectic than normal. What keeps me going though is that I am making healthy choices.

We are in the car a lot during dinner time lately but instead of pulling through a drive through we are making different choices. We grab a snack before we go out the door and I make something when we get home. Or I have something cooking in the crockpot all day long (I am getting myself an instant pot! I deserve it!) and we eat before going out and have a snack when we get home.

Here are some photos from the last three crazy weeks:

Even at midnight my Bella is making a healthy choice. She got up and needed the biggest “glass” she could find, of water!Healthy Choices

Even when we are short on time it takes me about 10 minutes to make up a favorite snack!

Gluten Free Healthy Cakes

What can I say? Zazoo is our newest family member and he is so darn cute. Plus he loves to make healthy choices as well!

Complete Shake

This child is so amazing. I am proud of him and all he has done in the last four years. He is graduating this year and even though he isn’t fond of doing the “Senior” things, after much coaxing I can usually get some things from him.Senior Photo

Then there are moments like this. I opened the fridge up last night and see a blue note on the door from Bella to her Daddy. It’s the little things… (pssss – disregard the candy, she thinks she needs a treat from him daily).

Little Things

What things keep you going when life is crazy? I know that not everyone makes healthy choices all the time (see above in my daughters note) but I have really realized over the last three weeks how much they have helped me.

I have managed to help my in-laws, attempt to work on our home, mow the lawn, get some senior photographs done, make healthy food and drink choices, play with my children and niece and most important spent time with Christ. If I had not been making better choices for myself, I would be more exhausted than I currently am!

Very thankful for the good things in life.

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