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Small Blessings

Some days all you can do is continue to look for the small blessings. I will go into more details, later but for now…

While not all of you believe in God, I do. Today has been rough for a number of reasons. Adam came home today telling us he needed $10 for his blackout for cancer shirt he is required to purchase for marching band. He needed it by Friday. I have been upset since then because with the current situation, I can’t go to the bank and take $10 out. I went to pick him up from practice today and Jacks mom gave him a $3 winning scratch off for a slushy so to the gas station we headed. I pulled in and saw a bill on the ground with no one around. I stopped, picked it up and then went and parked. I finally looked at it when we got back into the car. It was a 10 dollar bill. My son doesn’t believe in God and that’s okay, I believe enough for both of us right now. (He wouldn’t smile so I told him I wouldn’t give him the money if he didn’t.)

Thank You, God for this small blessing at the end of my rough day.

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