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Young Living PSK Cost Per Drop

I like to know exactly what things cost. For some things it really does help to break down the costs so it doesn’t seem like I am spending as much on an item! I know when I was first looking at becoming a wholesale member with Young Living I was overwhelmed by the costs of some of the essential oils.

PSK Price Per DropIn the past I have broken down the costs for the Everyday Oil Collection that is offered by Young Living, but that isn’t what you receive anymore when you order your Premium Starter Kit from them. You still get an amazing value when you purchase a PSK but it isn’t the same collection as before.

I took some time to break down the cost per drop (or price per drop) for the essential oils you get with the PSK Kit!

Since I have just started going through the Premium Starter Kit essential oils, what they can be used for, and a bit of education I thought it might be a really good time to get the breakdown out there.

When you look at the cost per drop (remember each bottle is a 5ml bottle in your PSK), you see what the true cost is. As you learn about different essential oils, as you break the costs down, you will see that the cost to help support you and your family isn’t that big after all.

We have removed the toxic chemicals out of our household. As a family we felt they were doing us more harm than good. One of the things we haven’t used here since 2013 is pain reliever. The Premium Starter Kit has in it what we now use for those types of things. When I go and look at the cost per item for pain reliever it is about the same price as peppermint essential oil (depends upon if you get name brand or store brand but didn’t see much difference with cost +/- $0.02). The best thing though is when I am using the peppermint I am not putting toxic chemicals in my body. I am not causing myself to have rebound pain, I am not risking damaging the liver or the kidneys and I am not worried that they have put something extra in that is later going to be found to need to be recalled.

I feel good about the direction our family is going in. I feel good and am confident in what Young Living has done for our family. I am also always excited to help share what knowledge I have gained.

When you take the time to look at the cost per drop and compare it to what you would have used instead, most of the time you will find that you are spending the same amount if not less per drop.

Are you ready to get the toxic chemicals out of your home? How can I help you make the change?


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