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Just Prayed

So as days go, this has been a long one.

When you have friends in your life for a long time, they become family. When their family hurts, you hurt.

ComforterWhen they need comfort, if you can’t be with them, you pray.

When their children are hurting and they can’t be there, you run over to be with them for a few.

They are your family and just because they are not family by blood, does not make them any less important in your life.

My day started with time with God. Then we got ready for Bible Study (or as Jack David calls it, “Home Bible Study”). We then were blessed with a play date. [Although the play date caused my favorite sandals to be ruined as we left (material items, not important).] We got home and started a deep, quick, not so quick with whining children, clean of the bathrooms, kitchen, dining room and part of the living room.

Then I got a call and I left and headed over to my friends home and talked with the children. Needed to make sure they were okay. Left there and thankfully they were in a good mood, laughing, joking and doing okay.

I got home and realized I never made it to the store. The dogs had no food. My husband had no bread for work the next day. So I had to head to the store.

So while it has been a long day. While my day has been full of joys and sorrows. The biggest thing I have done today is just prayed.

My words when I do it out loud trip over each other. I often feel uncomfortable when I pray out loud (I think about a photographers trick of, if you feel comfortable being photographed; your position, your photographer is doing it wrong). Still when the time calls for me to pray out loud, I do it.

Today though was a day of silent prayer. Each step I took I was praying, for someone (Many on my prayer list). Each thought I had revolved around someone. I text a prayer and some verses today. It was a very prayer filled day.

He is my Comforter. I am never alone. So because of that, I can pray for you and you and you and you. So while today may have been a long (and busy) day, it was an excellent day to spend time with Him!

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