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A Reminder

Sometimes I just need to remind myself:

I am not the Creator. I am His creation. He knew what I would look like. He knew everything I would do, say, think, and He still made me.

He knows me better than I know myself. The only place I can hide from the world is in Him.

Today I really needed the reminder that He knows everything about me! I can not hide anything from Him. There are times I don’t like me. Could be something I did, something I let happen, something I thought or said, something about me or anything. Yet when I have those thoughts  am I criticizing God? He created me.

I grow, I change, I do stupid things and He knows it all, He knew it all and He still made me.

So sometimes I just need a reminder – I do strive to be better – I do strive to change – but He knows each and every inch of me.

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