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Yard Work

Mowing the yard has been something I have taken on this summer. It has been a way to get in steps and a way to get in exercise.

We have not had gas and I have put off getting it. The more I looked at the yard though the more I knew I couldn’t put it off any longer.

Today however the jungle had a lot of extra things in it. Most of them could not be seen until right on top of them.

Prior to our vacation we asked the boys to pile up some wood. What happened instead was it was tossed into a couple of piles. I went round and round about if I was going to just now around all of it, make my middle son come out and stack them correctly, me move them or just skip the back yard.

I moved them. Actually took me 20 minutes to toss all of it into the fire pit. Then second to last group and I get a sliver, under my nail.

I finished up the yard. Got inside and washed my hands and tried to get the sliver out. Not all of it came out. So Thieves to my rescue. Putting it under my nail. Has been helping pull it out from under my nail slowly. I’m also thankful it is helping to keep it clean.

Next time though – I’m calling my middle son. While I may have a way to help it, I’m not a fan of slivers!

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