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Bad Days Happen

I’m Amy and I have four children, three fur babies and a husband and every single one of us have bad days!

My baby has a horrible attitude lately. He has a love hate relationship with the word, “No”. He loves to make his sisters life miserable. He is the kindest soul you will meet and the meanest child you will meet. One minute he is screaming and in a rage and the next hugging and kissing on you.

My only daughter has an issue with looks lately. Oh and words, and humming, and breathing, and well basically everything. She is amazing when she wants to be but look her direction and the world may crumble under her feet. At least that is what I equate it with when she makes her noises lately. She is amazing and laughing one second and bawling the next.

My middle son is a teen. He has a typical teen tude but thankfully he listens. Even when he huffs and puffs and grunts and moans, he still does whatever. Plus if he is taking to long; his just a minute turns into hours if I let it, I threaten wifi to be gone and amazingly enough he is right on it. He is so full of talent and has a very dry sarcastic sense of humor. He is a senior this year and it’s hard to believe but we have almost made it through the hard years with minimum scars from him.

My oldest is my oldest. I love him and always will. Tough love, I have to get better at. Pretty sure we haven’t made it through the tough years yet.

My Jack rarely is in a bad mood but when he is watch out. He has a mean streak. He always makes me smile though.

Me, well, honestly lately I’ve been pushed over the edge of the cliff. I’m not even holding on anymore, I’m down a few ledges and not sure if I’m coming back up.

I personally need to work on not yelling at my children so much. I was doing so good and things were better for me. Then just after my little mans birthday he changed into this mean person. Doesn’t listen, argues, yells, cries, hits, pinches, tantrums and I fall right down.

The two littles wake up at each other’s throats. My days are long and loud and rough.

I avoid going in public with them currently unless it is a MUST. Today was a must, I had to have my protime taken and was already three days late.

My youngest two are in therapy and I’m hoping we all learn something to help us cope. I see my baby and see a train wreck going on. He is just like my oldest, and even though it’s scary to admit, worse at times.

Bad days happen. Bad weeks happen. But always take time in the midst of all of it and find something good. Find a smile. Find a hug. Find a laugh. Find something positive. It’s okay to have a bad tude sometimes but do not let that become who you are.

Find the light!

Would you like to talk to Jack or Amy ?

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