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Mental Health Awareness

Two years ago we said good-bye to Robin Williams. I know I didn’t know him personally but for whatever reason, I identified with him and a lot of his movies.

Mental health has a stigma. Insurance companies are allowed to treat it differently and pay less than if it was a physical issue.

People still don’t talk to you about it. If you go to a doctor for medication to help it is hush, hush. If you are in therapy you must be really messed up.

When are we going to realize that the brain we are given is our one and only? When are we going to realize that if we don’t treat our brain correct and fix that when things are wrong we are jeopardize our whole being?

Are you in emotional pain? Find someone to talk to!

Are you having ups and/or downs and don’t understand why you do certain things? Speak to your doctor and see if medication is right for you.

A diabetic doesn’t run from insulin in shame. A cancer patient doesn’t run from chemo in shame. A person with a clotting disorder doesn’t run from Coumadin in shame. Why don’t they? Because they know that taking those medications will help save them and they know that people around them will understand.

So when can we get to that point about mental health issues? No more suffering alone. No more self medicating with drugs, alcohol or smoking. No more hiding behind a smile and wearing a mask.

That is my prayer. That is something I hope happens before I pass on. Mental health to be treated like cancer and diabetes. I know that those things can put a financial burden on families as well. Still it should not be that someone who is struggling with a mental health issue can only see a counselor 12 times a year. It should not be that when you are seeking help they only have to pay 50% instead of 80%.

People avoid therapists because who the heck can fix their issues in 12 sessions? I am barely touching my issues by session 12.

We as a nation need to care more and talk more and do more to fix things like this.

Two years ago we said good-bye to a man who was seeking help for some things. Two years ago we said good-bye to a man that even if his insurance didn’t cover it all, he had the means to get help. Two years ago we said good-bye to someone who without even meeting him, had a huge impact on my life.

We need change because if someone who is in the public eye struggled so much, what about those who struggle in silence and no one realizes.

Robin Williams Danger

Robin McLaurin Williams
July 21, 1951-August 11, 2014

Would you like to talk to Jack or Amy ?

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