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I Do Care

Lately I have been finding more and more blogs and with those blogs come people. I may not always comment. Sometimes I just have no clue what to say and so I pray.

I add you to my prayer list. I continue to read and update my list.

I have made some of my best friends online. Other than my husband the other best friend I have (male) is someone I met online 12 years ago. He is a brother to me and I have never actually met him.

I really do care about others. There are times I wish I had endless money to help and give. Since I do not have that though, I do have endless amounts of prayer.


Do you have unspoken prayers? Do you have health concerns? Do you have financial concerns? Do you have spiritual concerns? Do you have a brokenness that scares you? Do you have an addiction?

How can I “Just Pray” for you?


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