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Responsibility and Helping 

Some day I hope that as parents we will hear a thank you for teaching me (fill in the blank).

Last week I was asked last minute to help take care of two pups. So basically dog sitting while they were gone. I said yes. While it was a last minute ask, I have been in a situation where things fell through. Someone helped me and I was so thankful and grateful.

So this week the two youngest and I have been going over to the house three to four times a day. We let them out. We play with them. We pet and cuddle them. We walk them.

I want the children to see how important it is to help others. To be responsible for things that are not ours. To understand that giving back is so important.

To someone it may just be dog sitting but to me this is a great way to teach. We were not out here to be selfish and to only think of ourself. We were put here to help, be gracious, be caring (to people and animals), and to be willing to go out of our way to do something that takes time. Also to do our best and give our all because we did say yes I’ll help.

I know far to often that we could be doing a much better job raising our kiddos in certain areas. I realize that far to often we give them things they don’t need and didn’t earn. There are times when instead of going through the fit that would happen because no was said, we will say yes to save time and sanity. I have let them sleep in my bed way to long and now we have bad habits. They don’t always have chores that must be done here and those that are given often results in tears and whining.

Yet they see us do and give. They see us being responsible and helping others. I make them help when we do those things. We talk about the whys and how important things like this are.

I hope we are doing something right. They may not be able to maintain their own homes but ask them for help and they will be there with bells on.

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