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How Often Can You Cut Your Hair?

I have shared this before but it truly amazes me!

Tonight I cut my hair for the third time since I started taking Juice Plus.

What that means is about ever 6 weeks I am taking off about 2.5 inches off my hair.

In 19 weeks I have taken a total of 10 inches off my head. I haven’t taken 10 inches off my head in the last 4 years!

What can fruits and veggies do for you and your family? I am still in a state of shock at all it has done for me in the last 19 weeks.

I can’t wait to see where I am at when I hit the 1 year mark!

Would you like to talk to Jack or Amy ?

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*We only recommend one brand for ingesting essential oils. Young Living has a Seed to Seal commitment and promise. They are a pure therapeutic grade essential oil. Always be sure to read the label for directions on usage for each individual essential oil.

*We only recommend one brand for whole food nutrition. Juice Plus+ is very selective with their suppliers of the fruits and veggies and vineyard selections. We want to make sure if we are with a company that they have our best interests in mind! Always be sure to read the nutrition label for directions on usages of each whole food nutrition capsule.

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