Getting Healthy, Memories


Sitting in my chair this afternoon all of a sudden I could smell a familiar and beautiful scent. It was rain that was coming.

I could feel myself wrapped in His arms this afternoon and it was just what I needed.

You see I know that not everyone ha the gift of smelling and knowing the rain is coming. For me it is a pretty amazing gift from God to me.

I’ve been pretty down this week. So many things have not been going my way. I haven’t been spending enough time in Bible study and with Him.

I wanted to throw the towel in this morning for everything. I wasn’t feeling Him. I have been feeling defeated about a lot.

So while sitting this morning I was attempting to do Bible study and it wasn’t going well. I opened up email and saw that a post of mine had been reposted. I opened it and read my post. It was just what I needed.

Amazing how God can take a day that feels like it is awful and He can throw reminders at you all day so you recall He loves you.

Can you smell the rain? What is a one of the reminders He sends to you?

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