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Disney World Vacation Booked

While we will not actually be heading to Disney World until September 2017 I am beyond excited. When we went in June/July 2015 it was the best vacation I ever recall going on. The children were so happy, smiling, laughing, trying new things, swimming, and having a great time with mom and dad.

Step Ready 4 Disney Vacation 2017It was my happy place. I have not been truly happy for a very long time. No much was going on and I was always so worried about everything that I never allowed myself to be truly happy. Then add to it that I was always searching and reaching for this contentment and thinking I had to reach a certain place in order to get there and I was so wrong!

So now we are able to work towards this amazing vacation. All thanks due to God and Him placing some amazing work at home; work any place companies in our lives.

We are very blessed and our health is improving. I weight less now than I did in these photos. I am in better shape now than I was in these photos.

Still Disney World is a lot of walking. I took all of the steps from the start of our last Disney Vacation to the end of our Disney Vacation and then divided them by the day. I had a couple of days where my fitbit had died in the middle of the day so steps were missed. I then averaged them out. I was around 15,652 steps per day and that was with the missing steps. So my goal is over the next 14 months to get up to 20,000 steps.

It may seem very ambitious but I do not want to be miserable at my happy place. Yes I have figured it out already. Right now I am averaging around 6,000 steps a day. Each 33 days I am going to be increasing my step count by 1,000. Maybe I should break it down even more into days!

My biggest issue is going to be the winter months. We cancelled our gym membership about 3 months ago. And walking 15k plus steps a day in place doesn’t seem like much fun to me. So I am either going to have to go to the mall and walk (don’t really want to drive that far), go to a local store and walk around that or consider purchasing the gym membership again.

Are you going on a trip to Disney? Are you working on increasing your step count daily so that when your dream vacation gets here you are able to be happy and not miserable? Do you have any secrets to help me get these up and not be miserable doing it?

Don’t forget you still have a couple of days to be able to register for the Red, White, and Blue Giveaway we have going on!

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