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Healthier Snack Options

The last 24 hours have been crazy. My father in law had an accident last month that required emergency neck surgery. 

He spent until this past Friday in hospital and rehab.  

Since being home he has been having some breathing issues. Last night they got bad enough that him, my mother in law and myself went to the ED. They ended up admitting him and thankfully today he was able to come back home. 

I’m glad I was able to go and help. It throws you off of your normal schedule but I would have it no other way! 

So when I got home last night (or I should say this morning) I was hungry. I probably should have just gone to bed but instead I grabbed an apple. 

There are a lot of options for healthier snacks. Fruit is great. Even raw veggies are great for a snack! 

You can also make your own “ice cream”. I use frozen fruit, but if water and Juice Plus Complete powder. 

You can also buy ice cream. Tonight I tried Yasso. It is yogurt and it was mint chocolate chip and it was AMAZING! I’m so glad I bought it tonight. 

There are so many options for healthy treats or snacks. 

How can you take your usual unhealthy treat/snack and make it healthy for you?

2 thoughts on “Healthier Snack Options”

  1. I’m glad he’s back home healthy! 🙂 Times like this really shake us up.
    Yasso sounds so good 😀 I really like to put out the healthier snacks like carrots and apples somewhere visible and also hide the unhealthy food at the same time. So I then pick up what’s easily accessible to me.

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