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It Takes a Village 

I belong to an amazing church. While I know most people feel the same way, our church is very community involved. 

We do a lot of programs for children, bible studies, out of country support and I think one of our most important things is our Community Recovery. 

Everyone has some kind of problem but the real question is do you fix it or just let it go? Community Recovery is support for anyone who needs it. AA, NA, EA, Men’s Issues, Women’s Issues and the list goes on. Even something like grief (yes we have a support group for that as well) can break a person!

Tonight I was blessed enough to be a part of that village. I was able to go to the banquet and give a financial donation. 

It takes a village of volunteers, prayers, support and broken people to make it all work!

Let’s face it: we are all broken!

I’m glad God blessed me with the ability to be a part of this amazing village!

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