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Did You Know?

How do you know if you have a pure therapeutic grade essential oil? While this is NOT recommended you would know for certain if you place it in a freezer. Does the essential oil you have on hand, that you placed in the freezer have any parts or all that have frozen? If so, you do not have a pure therapeutic grade essential oil!

The photo below is our calming spray (recipe below). We took it with us when Adam had practice for ski team. The young children were not feeling the greatest and so we decided to stay in our car during the practice. Which means they would get a bit wild and would need a bit of calming. Well when we got home that night, we forgot it in the car. What you see below is Ylang Ylang, Valor and distilled water. You can see that the water had started to melt from the heat in the car and my hand but what NEVER froze was the Young Living Ylang Ylang and Young Living Valor essential oils!

Just never ceases to amaze me what true therapeutic grade oils can and can’t do! I had used oils a long (long, long, long) time ago and they froze. What I didn’t know was that if they were pure it would not have happened.

  If you have never taken the time to truly learn about essential oils and what they should or should not do if they are pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

I am currently reading a book called Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple By David Stewart (you can find it here). I have a lot of books related to essential oils that help me learn and this is by far my favorite one! Blown away by this book.

The biggest thing is learn about essential oils! Know what you are putting in you, putting on you, and inhaling into your lungs and those of your family!

Calming Spray


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