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Skin Warmer

Yesterday was a snow day here in our school district. It was cold, snowing, windy, icy and a welcomed day off.

We have a hill in our backyard and the kids love to use it to sled. When we first moved in there were pine trees lining the property and sledding wasn’t an option. So by the 2nd summer here we cut the trees down and dug out the stumps so we had a sledding hill.

So we have a hill in the backyard and the kids love to sled down it. We use sleds, we use boxes, we have fun and we have sledding parties. Bella’s birthday is in December and we love to celebrate with our family doing a sledding party!

Grandpa Sledding

That is an group of photos of my Dad sledding down the hill at one of her parties! It was a great and fun time!

Still when you head outside in this weather, even if you are all bundled up, you are bound to get cold. So here are two recipes to help with that for when you step inside and work on getting warmed up!

Bare Balm

Skin Warmer

It is even something you could make up in advanced and take with you to a ski resort, a sledding outing, anything and any time you have the potential to get cold! We have even used it on our toes and feet!


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