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Relaxation Bath

That is what I am going to be doing tonight! I am going to be climbing into a nice hot bathtub and putting this DIY mixture in and I am going to soak and relax.

I am not a very organized person. I try to be organized but most times about 3 days or so into whatever the newest thing is, I do a belly flop and fail at it.

So in my quest to become more organized and get the house in better shape. Instead of trying to get a lot done in a little time I am going to make monthly projects. So I can still focus on the things I have already accomplished but I can slowly work on adding something new.

This month I wanted to finish up the two younger ones bedroom (we had a flood over the summer so our middle son ended up having to move upstairs and that put the two little ones in the same room). I also wanted to get through our bedroom (which is where everything ends up when no one knows where to put it) and get it rearranged.

So far 7 days into the month and I have the younger ones bedroom done as far as we can go right now. They have been sleeping in the bedroom, with a door on their room, with their diffuser going, every night since Sunday. Thank you God for helping me to accomplish this one as fast as I did.

Since that time I have been in our bedroom. Lots of clothing to go through. Lots of paperwork to go through. Lots of shoes to go through. Lots of purses to go through. Lots of books to go through. Two dressers and a closet to go through. Two nightstands to go through. A filing cabinet to go through. Arts and crafts need to find a new storage home (it was the basement). There are a lot of things in there from the basement that didn’t seem to be ruined.

I spent a lot of time in there today. A lot of the things I had hoped to save from the basement were not savable. Ended up throwing away most of the things from the basement. I made it through a lot of the closet. I made it through all of the basement things. I still have a lot to do but I made a lot of progress today.

Which is why, as soon as my children are in bed, I will be starting a hot bath, throwing in the DIY Relaxation Bath mix and climbing into it for a nice long soak!

Relaxation Bath

Hopefully you have been taking it easier than I have in the new year. Still if you have not, this is a great way to unwind and relax your cares away!


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