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Lost Cedarwood: Found

Just before we were leaving for Florida this summer we had a campout in the living room. Put the Cedarwood on the children to help relax them. 

And then in the morning it was gone. It wasn’t on the table were we put it after using it. We could not find it. We tore the living room apart looking for the Cedarwood. 

It was as if the dogs ate the bottle in the middle of the night. Or the cat took the bottle and buried it in his litter box. Or the Elves came 5 months early to our home so they could relax and get some awesome sleep until the busy month of flying to and from the North Pole to report to Santa. 

It had vanished. 

Today was yet another fun filled long running around baking day. Up and going at 7 AM to go Christmas Shopping and food shopping. At noon we finally made it home. Then it was wrapping and making treats. First the dip. Then start the peanut butter balls. Then the rice krispy treats; 3 batches of those (big family and big appetites). 

That is where the Cedarwood was finally found. Six months after it was lost, the Rice Krispy box gave us a prize!

Merry Christmas to us! What was once lost has been found. 

Maybe it really was the Elves and they know our routine after four years with us. Maybe they stuck it in the box because they knew we would be making these treats!

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