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Very Grateful

Our household has been dealing with the same issues every other household has been dealing with. We are all under the weather. We all need to boost our immunity more than we normally do. We all need essential oils to help support and open the airways more. We all need raw honey to help coat our throats from the tickles we are dealing with.

Really I am very grateful because we use Young Living on a daily basis. We help our bodies out by supporting our respiratory system, immune system, we do an overall support of our bodies by using Young Living on a daily basis.

Just like with anything else you use to support your body if you are not using it on a daily basis you really are defeating the purpose of spending the money on it in the first place. Things only work if you use them daily, not only when you are feeling under the weather.

It reminds me of when people spend the money to go into the Doctors office because they feel awful. Then they spend the money to go and get a prescription filled. Then they take it until they feel not as awful. Then they stop with the prescription not being used all the way. Then they don’t understand why a week later they feel worse than they did before they went into the Doctors office in the first place!

Let us just take a moment and think about that! hahaha – I tell my girlfriend all the time, “If you are not going to take all the medication that the Dr. gives you, don’t waste your money going in!”

Really though I am very grateful that we do boost our health and support our bodies with Young Living essential oils and supplements! It allows us to get back to feeling over the rainbow much faster than others who are feeling under the weather!

Yesterday we did some extra boosting with Thieves, Rosemary and two kinds of Eucalyptus. We are all feeling much better today. Boosting

What kind of boosting of your body do you do on a regular basis? Do you think you would benefit from anything daily instead of only doing it when you are feeling run down?

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