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Looking at Cost Per Drop!

So often when you look at Young Living essential oils you are a bit shell shocked by the cost of the oils. I know when our family first started I really had a hard time justifying the costs for some of the essential oils.

Then I started to look at it a little different. I started to break down the cost of each oil per drop. I would compare to OTC items I was purchasing and other things.

If I had to spend money to go into an office for them to say, “Ride it out.” How in the world could I not find a way to ease up what was going on? Why shouldn’t I spend money on things to boost my immune system. Why shouldn’t I spend money on things to assist opening up the airways or drying up the yuck?

In order to figure any of those things out though, we had to know how much was in each package. Of course that does change based upon the thickness of the oil and how many oils are in it for blends. Still this is the average you will find in each package.

Drops Per Package

So as you investigate Young Living essential oils and try to make a decision if they are the correct choice for you and your family, be sure to break it all down.

As you begin your journey or begin your search of this journey, take the time to really break things down. It took me a while to get there but when I finally did, it made things a lot better!

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