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Noisy Sleeper?

In our home it seems that we all have nasally issues when it comes to sleeping. It isn’t an all the time thing. We all seem to take our turns.

For my husband and I it seems when I am beyond exhausted I have these issues. When my husband is under the weather or just attempting to sleep on his back.

My young son is awful. He is a very fitful sleeper (or he was). Thankfully we have two tricks up our sleeves for that (Peace & Calming and Valor).

My only baby girl has her moments like me. When we is over the edge and exhausted she is very fitful and noisy while sleeping.

My two older boys. I don’t hear them much anymore. So I am praying they have grown out of it!

When I saw this I could not help but laugh. This just sums up how I feel when I am not completely asleep but hubby is!

Noisy Sleeper

Sometimes you just need a little funny in your life! I am also pretty certain that anyone who has lived with or bunked with a noisy sleeper can completely relate to this!

We are already gearing up for December’s giveaway! Last month of the year and of course biggest giveaway of the year! Really excited!

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