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Who Doesn’t Love To Learn New Things?!

When our family first started with Young Living there was so much to learn. Of course I started with very basic things. Things that in the end made me want to learn more and more.

There is just so much amazing information that surrounds essential oils, their uses, their uses in the Bible, how to apply them, which way to use them, their frequencies, what that means for you and the list goes on and on and on!

Today I learned yet another new thing and it is an amazing thing I can not wait to share with others who may not have known this!

Young Living Color Codes their bottles! The labels mean something other than the fact they are a color. I had no clue that the green, red, blue, and gold actually meant something! Did you know this vital information?

Young Living Color Codes


After learning this awesome information I spent the afternoon looking through my essential oil supplements and was seeing exactly what I had. I have a bit of each label but blue!

So now I am on the search for what I am going to order for my first blue label! Isn’t it just amazing what knowledge can do for you!  What are you going to use this new found knowledge for?

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