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Cooking With Young Living

So I talk a lot about cooking with Young Living essential oils (and I never recommend cooking with other oils because you know that Young Living it is pure therapeutic grade because of their Seed to Seal guarantee) but I have never really broken down anything. You can follow my recipes that I put on here but what if you want to try a recipe of your own. How in the world are you going to know if you need 1 drop or 20 drops?

So I am going to help you!

Here are some guidelines for using YLEO’s as substitutions!

  • Juice or Zest of 1 Citrus Fruit = 10 to 15 drops of YLEO
  • 1 Liquid Tablespoon or More = 1/2 to 1 drop of YLEO
  • Less than 1 Tablespoon = 1 toothpick swirl of YLEO

Remember essential oils are a much stronger flavor than dried herbs, spices and fruit juices! So start out small with the oils and then increase or decrease based upon your families likes and dislikes.

Another thing to keep in mind is this: When you are heating essential oils you may diminish their beneficial properties. Do not let that stop you though because essential oils can be used in recipes for flavor only!

So an easy thing to think of is: Lemon Brownies = No Benefit, Just Flavor and then top those Lemon Brownies with a Lemon Glaze = Benefit & Flavor!

Cooking with YLEO

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