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Glass Bottle Tip for Essential Oils

We have gone on a couple of vacations this year. Most years we do not go on vacations but we were very blessed this year.

But as with most vacations that we do get to take, I have a system. I have a list that I make and I go down it. What typically happens is everyone decides they want to help and just brings everything to me. Not really a help and then I get thrown off track.

Well I love to drink my water and in my water I love to drink my Young Living Essential Oils (*The ONLY essential oil I recommend for consumption is Young Living Essential Oils because they are pure therapeutic quality; it is also listed on each bottle if it is for a dietary supplement or not). So of course the one thing I forgot was my glass water bottle.

At first I was a bit disappointed but figured there had to be a store on the way from Michigan to Florida that would have a glass water bottle I could purchase. And then we stopped at the first gas station. We all went the bathroom and I walked around to grab a coffee since I was going to be driving. Still waiting for Jack and the children and I look into the coolers and see the best gift God could have given me:

Glass Bottle

On the road and forget your glass water bottle – grab a Starbucks Frappuccino! Seriously: Glass bottle, has a lid and it is perfect for water and essential oils! Plus the bonus – it is cheaper and smaller than most water bottles you will get in the stores so it was PERFECT for our Walt Disney World trip and taking through the parks in our bag!

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Giveaway November 2015


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