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Never Buy Young Living From Other Sites!

It makes me sad that I would even need to make a post about this but there is a reason for it. The story I am going to share is not my own, it was relayed to help others and so I am going to share it to hopefully help one more person out there.

Some people in this world are not honest. I wish that was not the case but it is. Some people in this world are out to fraud people. I wish that was not the case but it is.

So it is encouraged and recommended (and as a wholesale member we are not supposed to sell oils online) that you NEVER buy from any sites other than Young Livings site!

People will purchase Young Living Oils. Then those same people will purchase new covers for the oils. Dump the oils out so they have it for themselves. Then stick another oil in and it will not be a pure therapeutic essential oil. Then place the new unbroken cover on the Young Living bottle. Of course the last part is they sell to you!

I do understand that some times you look at the cost and think why is that one so much more expensive than this one? It is because of the purity, the quality, the care, the way it is processed and handled, the fact it isn’t just a label slapped on anyones oil, it is 100% from Seed to Seal only touched by Young Living.

Remember, if you are seeking out essential oils for health reasons, do not go cheap and do not buy online to save a little bit. It can hurt you. Be safe!

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