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You Improvise

Ever since I became a mom I seem to have memory issues. It is almost as if with each one of my children, when they were born, another piece of my brain was taken away from me and given to them. Let me just say I have been a mom for 22 years now, so this isn’t anything new. You would think after 23 years (because it started at conception of my oldest son) I would remember to write things down I needed to recall.

I forget simple things like: turning the stove on to warm up a pan of water, putting deodorant on, brushing my teeth (that is until I am already warmly snuggled into my bed), what I intended to do .03 seconds prior and the list goes on.

I forget major things like: driving to an appointment and I forget where I am going, appointments all together (unless it is in my calendar), spelling of the easiest words, picking up my children, taking medication (again until I am warmly snuggled into my bed), falling asleep (I think the older I get the harder it is to recall how to fall asleep), and this list goes on.

So instead of doing the logical thing; writing things down, I tend to do the next best thing: I Improvise!

This morning though it was a simple thing. It was the deodorant thing. Of course by the time I realized it, I had already gotten my blood drawn and was on my way to Bible Study. Not a big deal I typically have a spare in my glove box. Except this is one of those simple things I have forgotten to replace. My lovely daughter wondered what would happen if you scrap the cover of this really cool looking item over the top of this white stuff in the middle of summer. The result was: I needed to replace my deodorant; and 2 years later I still have not done so because of the memory thing and only recalling the things I really need to do once I am warmly snuggled into my bed!

So then I went onto place two which is I have a sample sized bottle of Young Living Lavender Essential Oil (one of many I keep on hand) that I could throw on. It would last long enough so that I didn’t kill whomever I sat next to in Bible Study. So I didn’t stink that bad but I always didn’t want to start sweating and start to stink.

We pull into church and I go for my lavender bottle to find that it to is on my list of should have taken the time to refill and is now empty and my memory got the best of me again.

So I reached for the next best thing (serious sarcasm here): Thieves Spray.

Now let me say I have said many times you can use this for anything! I love, love, love, love my Young Living Thieves Spray! Public Restroom: Thieves the toilet seat, Port-a-Potty: Thieves the door handle, floor, seat and anything else you may touch, No wet wipes: Thieves your hands and rub, Grocery Cart: Thieves the seat and anything children or you may touch, Husband in bathroom and you’re next: Thieves the air, Scratchy throat and nothing to sooth: Thieves Spray, and really the list goes on!

So today I Thieves Sprayed my armpits! You read that correctly. I was about ready to die on my one side because it got very, very, very warm and tingled and the other side was warm and tingled. I had just shaved a couple of days ago, so fresh skin. Plus it is a hot oil and I didn’t have any carrier oils on me. Then add to it on the one side I thought I missed so I sprayed twice (what was I thinking?)!

So from now on I will say, “You can use this for anything but deodorant!”.

Thieves Spray

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