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Stress Away Before 8 AM

Today was a typical Monday (okay, any day of the week) morning for us here. Children not wanting to get up. Children not wanting to go to school. Children tears, tantrums, meltdowns, being stubborn, arguing, refusing to do things, missing the bus and all before 8 AM!

I have often thought that Homeschooling would be a great option for the children. There are just some things I am not happy with when it comes to public schools. Then days like today happen and I sit and know that we are not a family who is meant to Homeschool!

While I love the idea. I love the concept. I am impressed with families who do and succeed at it. I know it just isn’t in the cards for this family. When this mama is applying her Young Living Stress Away prior to 8 AM on a regular basis, I know this isn’t the life for us.

Still how in the world do you get your children up and moving for school? Doesn’t matter if it is Homeschooling or schooling out of the home! Mine love to argue and make deals over everything! What clothing they wear (even with them picking it out the night before), shoes that need to go on the feet, what coat or sweatshirt they will wear, combing hair, getting out the door, having a better attitude and the list goes on.

Mind you it isn’t JUST the morning. No this mama is lucky that she gets to then repeat this cycle when they walk in the door for the night! Homework, pajamas, dinner, play time, chores and the list still goes on.

It is as if my children have had an attitude switched on and I have no access to the button to turn it off! I seriously hope I am not alone with all of the turmoil that goes on in this house. I am really praying that this is a phase because neither of my older boys went through this, at this to this extreme and for this long of a period!

Here is some information about Stress Away:

Stress AwayStress Away Essential Roll-On is the perfect on-the-go natural solution to combat stresses that creep into everyday life. This deliciously unique blend of essential oils makes relieving daily stress convenient and easy: ESSENTIAL OILS: Copaiba, Lime, Cedarwood, Vanilla*, Ocotea, Lavender.

*Vanilla is an absolute or essence rather than essential oil.


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