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Homemade Carpet Freshener

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I am probably not alone in this but I love a freshly vacuumed room. Not only do I love a freshly vacuumed room, I love it when I put a carpet freshener down and then it smells fabulous.

A couple of things I do not like though about carpet fresheners you buy from a store:

  • Cost
  • Scents they Offer
  • What is in Them

So when we started to use oils I was sure there had to be a better and cheaper way to make a carpet freshener. Plus I knew that with how fabulous the essential oils smelled, I could make a much better smelling carpet freshener!

So I started to just experiment with using baking soda and oils. This is what I do now:

  • Quarts Glass Jar with Lid (I used a screw driver and hammer to make holes in the top of it)
  • I put about 3 Cups of Baking Soda in the jar
  • I put what Young Living Essential Oils I want [my favorites would be Thieves, Purification and Citrus Fresh] in the Baking Soda (about 10-15 drops per Cup of Baking Soda).
  • I put some wax paper over the top and then put the lid on.
  • I shake up the Baking Soda and E.O’s and then let it sit and absorb the smell.
  • I then shake it on the floor and let it sit and then vacuum up the homemade carpet freshener.

I know that it is all natural. I know there are no chemicals. I know that I am not harming my animals, my children or my husband!

Homemade Carpet Freshener


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